We do not need fully dimensioned technical drawings. Holiday photos, magazine clippings – Google images or just a period of consultation with us will give us all we need to proceed.

Once we have a concept, we will produce physical models for you to approve prior to mould making. We model in-house, using predominantly plaster and modelling clay. Our humble workshops are open, so that you may have as much involvement in this stage of the process as you wish. During this stage the materials and finishes required for the final product will be deliberated. Depending on the project brief, this stage usually takes the most time.

Once the model has been approved, the mould making begins. Moulds can be made from plaster, fibreglass, silicone rubber or a combination depending on the complexity of the model and the final finish required. Essentially the moulding materials are applied to the approved model and allowed to set. The model is removed from the mould and the mould prepared for casting.

The casting material chosen for your particular project will be determined by the aesthetic required and any physical properties e.g waterproof properties required. We cast predominantly in Fibrous plaster but also cement, and modern composites as determined by the client.

Plaster Art offer an installation service for the products we manufacture and pride ourselves in our workmanship and service.

So should you feel the urge to see a design idea of yours become a reality please contact us – it is what we do best.

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